CKEditor : unhandled exception in find.js when I click on the button


Only with Internet Explorer (V11).

In Visual Studio, I get "Unhandled exception at line 6, column 256 in ...ckeditor/4.4.7-devb-2/plugins/find/dialogs/find.js?t=F0RD when I click on the "find" or "replace" button.

Once the error message is validate, the find dialog window is open and the search action don't work and produce another error. If I close and reopen the dialog, the command work normally : no error message.

The click on the Find button produces : Unhandled exception at line 6, column 256 in

0x800a138f - Erreur d’exécution JavaScript: Impossible d’obtenir la propriété « clone » d’une référence null ou non définie

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