SQL service (im Wamp) fail to start in Windows 10 Pc


PHP and apache run fine. But SQL service doesn't start. A dialogue box pops up with the message:

the application could not be started (0xc000007b)

I have already tried:

  • installing all the dll files
  • with admin mode
  • wamp 64 bit and 32 bit
  • visual c++ 2015 - 64 bit already installed
  • 'important' instructions during installation are followed
asked on Stack Overflow Sep 16, 2019 by Lakshmi Devaraj Nair • edited Sep 16, 2019 by N69S

1 Answer


Have you tried Compatibility for Win7 or Win8. Also, Windows Updates went out just the other day. Have you tried uninstalling the Latest KB's from it and Reboot?

answered on Stack Overflow Sep 16, 2019 by Matt

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