TelephoneManager.getAllCellInfo() on Android Emulator not emulated correctly


I am trying to access the CellInfo using TelephoneManager.getAllCellInfo() on an Android Emulator in Android Studio 3.5. Unfortunately it returns always the same values ...

CellInfoGsm:{mRegistered=YES mTimeStamp=1111449158860ns mCellConnectionStatus=2147483647 CellIdentityGsm:{ mLac=3 mCid=91 mArfcn=0 mBsic=0x7fffffff mMcc=310 mMnc=260 mAlphaLong= mAlphaShort=} CellSignalStrengthGsm: rssi=-93 ber=0 mTa=2147483647 mLevel=3}

... independent of what network type and signal strength I set in the emulator settings. Does the emulator not support this? Is there a workaround?

asked on Stack Overflow Sep 5, 2019 by Zardoz

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