Unable to use !wget on my jupyter notebook


I was trying to finish up my project on choropleth which involves using !wget to retrieve the json file. Initially, errors stating that several dll files were not located. Therefore, I downloaded it from the internet and placed it over the wget directory. It settled that but now when I try to run my code to retrieve the json file. There is an application error stating "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)."

I've tried to restarted the pc and reinstalled the GNU. nothing seems to work.

#wget was unable to run

!wget --quiet https://cocl.us/sanfran_geojson -0 sf.json
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The problem here is the fact that you misused wget, indeed there is no parameter 0 (the number), the right parameter is O (the letter like Output file):

Here is an excerpt of the help of wget

Logging and input file:
    -o,  --output-file=FILE    log messages to FILE.

In other words, the right command should be:

!wget --quiet https://cocl.us/sanfran_geojson -O sf.json
answered on Stack Overflow Oct 9, 2019 by Nicolas Filotto

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