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I'm developing a simple Dispatch Bot, I only have a basic structure now to chose between QnA or LUIS models but when I test it in the Bot Framework Emulator, the AdapterWithErrorHandler catches and error and i get no response from LUIS neither QnA.

Unknown Host error in the logger everytime i send a message.

I checked the appsettings.json and everything seems to be fine. I want to point out when I created the LUIS App a default key was given to me, and later on i linked it with the Cognitive Resource i have in Azure and a second key was given. Which one do I need to use?

LUIS keys

I got everything hosted in the West Europe server except the QnAMaker resource (which I haven't read anywhere this should cause any problem).

This is the Emulator Log window, as you can see the problem doesn't occur until I send a message. It looks like it connects properly but then can't find the hosts. The message displayed is from the Adapter that catches de exception. Emulator Log Window

Update: that might be relevant to the problem, whenever I try to open my csproj file to see its contents this message is displayed:


catastrophic error hresult 0x8000ffff (e_unexpected))

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I am not sure about the error you encountered and I have not met this error on my side.

But I run NLP DispatchBot sample on my side successfully , with the steps below , maybe will helpful for you :

  1. I created a LUIS app and a QnA maker for demo, if I query "help" to my LUIS , it will reply "Help" intent, it is deployed on westus: enter image description here

and this is the party content of my QnA maker : enter image description here

  1. Mapping appsettings.json file in project : enter image description here LuisAPIHostName in your case should be westeurope

    1. In my case , if I type help, LUIS will reply "Help" intent so that direct to QnA service, so I modify the matching value in DispatchBot.cs file under DispatchToTopIntentAsync to make sure "Help" intent can be matched to lead me to QnA service : enter image description here

    2. Test on local: enter image description here

If you have anything unclear , pls feel free to let me know.

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