What is source of IID 0x7ffffff error in CCES debugger, and how to fix it properly?


I have problems with MDMA transfer on ADSP-SC584. I work in CCES IDE 2.8.3

I take MDMA CrossCore example project ,and do changes towards ARM direction of data flow. So initialisation is the same(MCAPI addresses and SID of interrupt).

I have complex problem with it:

  1. When i run project on debug with ICE-1000,and run DSP core sending data with MDMA, ARM core does not trigger. But when i do step by step execution of MDMA sending ARM core triggers, i can see data in DDR ARM zone buffer etc

  2. When i run both cores eventually i get ard fault error

    Enabled interrupt with ID (IID) 0x7fffffff raised when it has no handler registered.

MDMA open in DSP proj:

  // Open MDMA channel
  DBG_MSG ( "Core1: Opening MDMA channel\n");
  eResult = adi_mdma_Open (MEMCOPY_STREAM_ID, &MemDmaStreamMem[0],
               &hMemDmaStream, &hSrcDmaChannel, &hDestDmaChannel,

  if (eResult != ADI_DMA_SUCCESS)
      DBG_MSG ("Failed to open MDMA stream, Error Code: 0x%08X\n",
      return ARM_LINK_ERROR;

  // Configure MDMA channel
  adi_mdma_EnableChannelInterrupt (hDestDmaChannel, false, false); // Disable the MDMA destination transfer complete interrupt
  adi_mdma_GetChannelSID (hDestDmaChannel, &nSid_SHARC1_Master); // Get the channel SID for the MDMA destination complete interrupt
  /*add sharc int offset*/

  //adi_sec_SetCoreID (nSid_SHARC1_Master, ADI_SEC_CORE_0);

 adi_mdma_EnableChannelInterrupt (hSrcDmaChannel, true, true);    // Enable the MDMA source transfer complete interrupt
  DBG_MSG ( "\n Destination Channel interrupt SID: \t%08X\n ",
        (unsigned int) nSid_SHARC1_Master);

  #if 1
    eResult = adi_dma_UpdateCallback (hSrcDmaChannel, MemDmaCallback,  hMemDmaStream); // Register source transfer complete interrupt
    /* IF (Failure) */
    if (eResult != ADI_DMA_SUCCESS)
        DBG_MSG ("Failed to set DMA callback, Error Code: 0x%08X\n",eResult);
        return ARM_LINK_ERROR;

install interrupt on ARM slave:

adi_int_InstallHandler (nSID_SHARC_Master, DataTransferFromSHARCComplete, NULL, true);

I can see that MCAPI send me proper interrupt SID(with offset for ARM)

Callback on ARM with RTOS:

void DataTransferFromSHARCComplete(uint32_t SID, void *pCBParam)
  // Save the CPU registers
  // Protect a critical section
  // Make the kernel aware that
  // the interrupt has started
  // Handle the interrupt
  static uint32_t test=0;
  test= BufferFromSHARC1[0];
  // Make the kernel aware that
  // the interrupt has ended

I need to send data that i get from DSP to PC over UDP. UDP sending works standalone,DMA transfer works standalone, but together i always get 0x7fffffff IID error.

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