How to fix: Setting SSIS Execute Package property ExecuteOutOfProcess to True causes error?


I have to run packages asynchronously, so I used the ExecuteOutOfProcess property for the first time. As I run into troubles, I decided to make a very basic prototype to reproduce the error in VS 2017/2019:

  • Make a project without parameters and connectionmanagers.
  • Make a Package Slave with one Expression Task, executing 1==1
  • Make a Package Master with a Execute Package Task, point here to Slave and set ExecuteOutOfProcess = True

Slave runs without a problem. Running Master, however, gives these errors:

  • Error: Error 0x80040154. Failed to create an instance of empty child package. The Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) configuration or the installation of SQL Server Integration Services, may be corrupted on your machine.
  • Error: Error 0x80040154 while executing package from project reference package "Slave.dtsx". Class is not registrered .
  • Task Slave failed

I tried this on two different machines, so I can exclude weird configurations. I read about 32/64 bit issues, but I do not use any additional components.

Maybe one of you has a clue how to fix this?

asked on Stack Overflow Aug 1, 2019 by Burkhard Lau

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