Issue with UWP getHtmlPrintDocumentSourceAsync( when used along with x-ms-webview)


My app uses x-ms-webview for other requirements. We create the HTML element x-ms-webview and add it to DOM. After its functionality is done, we remove it from DOM.

My app also uses Windows document Printing. It uses Windows.Graphics.Printing(PrintManager.ShowPrintUIAsync). The data to printed is converted to HTMLDocumnentSource using the API MSApp.getHtmlPrintDocumentSourceAsync(page)

I notice this error, that whenever the x-ms-webview is removed from DOM, the MSApp.getHtmlPrintDocumentSourceAsync(page) throws the below error
Unhandled exception at line 357, column 1 in res://edgehtml.dll/preview.js​ ​0x8000ffff - JavaScript runtime error: Unexpected call to method or property access

This is sample code

1. Create a sample Cordova UWP app.
2. Add the x-ms-webview for example on button click as shown below

     var wv =  document.createElement('x-ms-webview'); // Use CSS to  set width, height and other styles
        wv.navigate(""); = "test145";
3. Now remove the web view on another action as shown below:
    var obj1=  document.getElementById(“test145”)
4. Try to perform printing, invoke as shown below:

The removal of x-ms-webview from the DOM causes this issue. If I hide the webview, the issue is not seen. Does anybody know what the dependency of the webview with these Printer API. Is there any workaround for this?

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