Due to error 0x80070057" The parameter is incorrect." SSIS job failed to run


I have a SSIS job which run well in SQL Server 2008 but no longer working in SQL Server 2017. The error message I get is:

Cannot create a task from XML for Task "Email", type "Microsoft.Script.Task" due to error 0x80070057" The parameter is incorrect

Kindly advise any solution for this problem. Thanks

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SSIS solutions that have been used on SQL Server 2008 R2, must be migrated to work properly on 2016/2017. The XML structure of the ssis packages is completely different and I belive 2008 packages only was supported until 2012/2014.

The process of doing this is basicly.

  1. Install VS2017 and newest version of SSDT
  2. Open SSIS project and run migration wizard
  3. Solve migration conflicts
  4. Build and deploy
answered on Stack Overflow Jul 4, 2019 by Ruben RavnÄ

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