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We want to use Wix Bootstrapper to install our software that was up to now installed with a Wix created msi. The last number in the version used to be bigger than 65535. Since Burn cannot handle this, in the future this Revision number will be within the Burn limitation. However, the problem are the old installed versions where the Revision number is bigger, that need to be updated.

When the bootstrapper detects such an installation it fails with the following error:

Error 0x8002000a: Failed to convert version: to DWORD64 for ProductCode: {…}

If I run the msi without Bootstrapper it updates without any error.

I have tried to handle this issue with a Managed Bootstrapper Application but when the convert error is ignored there are further errors while planning.

Error 0x80070057: Invalid package current state result encountered during plan: 0

Error 0x80070057: Failed to calculate plan actions for package: …

Error 0x80070057: Failed to plan execute package.

Error 0x80070057: Failed to process package.

Error 0x80070057: Failed to plan packages.

Plan complete, result: 0x80070057

How is it possible to update the old installations, with a Revision number bigger than 65535, using a bootstrapper?

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