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I am trying to schedule a task using Task Scheduler on Windows. It is for a console app written with .net Core. I have created a task, set a trigger and created a new action.

When I manually run it, I get a 'Last Run Result' of 'The system cannot find the file specified. (0x80070002)'. I have ensured that the user account running the task has access to the database on SQL Server.

I ran it in the command line as dotnet "C:\Program Files\UTDT_Database_Update\publish\UTDT_Database_Update.dll" and it worked successfully.

My 'Edit Action' is as follows.

Program/Script: dotnet

Add arguments (optional): UTDT_Database_Update.dll

Start in (optional): C:\Program Files\UTDT_Database_Update\publish\

I haven't found any solutions that work yet. Anyone have any ideas?

asked on Stack Overflow Apr 25, 2019 by Dan

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Solution was to create a batch file (.bat) that contained the following: **@ECHO OFF dotnet "C:\Program files\UTDT_Database_Update\publish\UTDT_Database_Update.dll" **

Program/Script: UTDT_Database_Update_batch.bat

Add arguments: empty

Start in: Location of .bat file

This made it run. Still not sure why original task didn't work but this at least gets it to run.

answered on Stack Overflow Apr 30, 2019 by Dan

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