Can we use target minimum windows sdk version 10.16299.0 in Cordova Universal windows application and Windows Runtime component?


I am using Visual Studio 17 to create a Cordova windows application which has a uwp plugin.This plugin is refering a Windows Runtime Component(this component output file type is .winmd).

When I set minimum windows target sdk to 10.16299.0 then I cannot create object of a class which is in the Windows Runtime Component (which is in the winmd file and refering some dll(.net core 2.0)) but when I down grade the minimum windows target sdk to 10.15063.0 or lower then the problem resolves.

The requirement is that I have to use windows sdk v10.16299.0 as the minimum version and v10.17763.0 as max target. Can I do that? PLease help..

This is my cordova plugin's plugin.xml
 <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<plugin id="cordova-plugin-uwp" version="0.0.1" xmlns="" xmlns:android="">
  <js-module name="Uwp" src="www/Uwp.js">
    <clobbers target="cordova.plugins.uwp" />
  <platform name="windows">
    <js-module name="UwpProxy" src="src/windows/UwpProxy.js">
      <merges target="" />

    <resource-file src="src/windows/libs/Component.dll" target="Component.dll" device-target="windows"  reference="true" />
    <resource-file src="src/windows/libs/SmartThreadPool.NetCore.dll" target="SmartThreadPool.NetCore.dll" device-target="windows"  reference="true" />

     <framework src="src/windows/libs/CCRuntimeComponent.winmd"  custom="true" implementation="src/windows/libs/Component.dll"/>
In UwpProxy.js I am trying to create an object of the winrt class

        this.setUwpWinRT(CCRuntimeComponent.UwpWinRT.instance);//(with 15063 its created but not with 16299)

        if (this.getUwpWinRT() != null || this.getUwpWinRT() != undefined) {
            if (this.getUwpWinRT().getJsCallback() == null || this.getUwpWinRT().getJsCallback() == undefined)
            else throw new Error("Unable to set WinRT callback.");

            if (options != null || options != undefined) {

this is the error that is thrown every time I set the minimum target to v10.16299.0

0x80131040 - JavaScript runtime error: Unknown runtime error occurred

WinRTError: Unknown runtime error
   at UwpProxy.prototype.init (ms-appx-web://io.cordova.myapp5447c6/www/plugins/cordova-plugin-uwp/src/windows/UwpProxy.js:55:9)
   at startConnection (ms-appx-web://io.cordova.myapp5447c6/www/plugins/cordova-plugin-uwp/src/windows/UwpProxy.js:100:13)
   at Anonymous function (ms-appx-web://io.cordova.myapp5447c6/www/plugins/cordova-plugin-uwp/src/windows/UwpProxy.js:107:17)
   at notifySuccess (ms-appx-web://io.cordova.myapp5447c6/www/WinJS/js/base.js:2110:21)
   at state_success_notify.enter (ms-appx-web://io.cordova.myapp5447c6/www/WinJS/js/base.js:1792:21)
   at _run (ms-appx-web://io.cordova.myapp5447c6/www/WinJS/js/base.js:2008:17)
   at _completed (ms-appx-web://io.cordova.myapp5447c6/www/WinJS/js/base.js:1976:13)


I have gone through the problem agin and found out that the problem is in the Windows Runtime Component which is not supporting 16299 version of windows sdk. Whenever I have used v15063 I was able to create instances of the Windows Runtime Component in the javascript file but with the v16299 could not even call a static function.

Is there any solution for this particular problem?

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