Visual Studio 2017 Graphics Debugger - No such interface supported


So i have a new set up of windows 10 Home Edition on my PC and installed VS 2017 Community Edition. When i build and run the app it runes absolutely fine. But if i use the graphics debugger i get the app open and i print screen to snapshot a frame. The window opens and it shows the following

enter image description here

If i choose to open that frame then i get the following error - An error occurred. Playback of your application may be incomplete(HRESULT = 0x80004002) "No such interface supported" enter image description here

Does anyone have any ideas what this could be as it worked fine on my laptop and for the record. Opening a brand new Directx12 app project with the spinning cube also does this.

asked on Stack Overflow Dec 3, 2018 by user3546481

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Please have a look for the question at here. I suppose you are using Windows version 1809 or higher. Graphics Debugging Tool does no longer support DirectX12 after 1809. Instead, you should use the PIX for Windows in future.

answered on Stack Overflow Jan 3, 2019 by lyzl

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