2017 SSIS package failing with error code 0x80040154 in command prompt (64-bit)


We have recently migrated our SSIS packages from 2012 into 2017. Through BIDS it works fine. When we scheduled the job, in Windows Task scheduler, for 32-bit the package is running fine. But when we use 64-bit executable the task scheduler immediately throws 0x5 error code. When I try to manually run the package using command prompt with 32-bit dtexec.exe package is running fine but with 64-bit executables I get the error below:

Could not load package "D:\package1.dtsx" because of error 0x80040154.

Also, when I try in local machine I don't have any issue with both 32-bit and 64-bit. But in client machine only I get to see this error.

I have compared the component chosen while installing SQL Server 2017 all looks correct.

I have made sure Run64bitRunTime property is set to True and tried with DelayValidation Property to also set to True.

Have made sure the order of the executables in environment variable for PATH though it shows 64-bit as first, package is not running in cmd.

When we migrated from 2012 to 2016 few months back it was working fine. Only after 2017 migration it gives this issue.

If someone else faces the similar problem, please provide a solution or a suggestion.

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