IIS Express: 404 0x80070002 on D:


I have an issue running an asp.net application from D:.

If I create a new asp.net MVC project in D:\code and hit the debug button I get an IIS Express 10.0 404 page saying:

Detailed Error Information:
Module             IIS Web Core
Notification       MapRequestHandler
Handler            StaticFile
Error Code         0x80070002

However, if I create a similar project in C:\Users\USERNAME\Source\repos everything works as expected.

This problem started appearing 3-4 weeks ago. Prior to that, all projects ran fine from D:\code.

I'm currently running

  • Visual Studio 15.8.6
  • IIS Express 10.0
  • Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.18242.1000] (Insider Preview)

My two main theories at this stage is:

  1. It is related to a recent Insider build. The problem started appearing 2-3 updates ago. I've tried reverting the Windows version, but cannot revert more than one version it seems.

  2. Something related to permissions. I tried adding the ISS_USERS "group" in a later attempt, but that did not work.

What I've tried so far:

  • Uninstalling IIS Express 10.0
  • Installing IIS Express 8.0
  • Deleting appsettings.config
  • Delete .vs folder
  • Adding the ISS_USERS group to the folder
  • Rebooting
  • Reverting Windows version
  • Repair Visual Studio
  • Upgrade Visual Studio

These are the security settings for the project in C:\Users\USERNAME\Source\repos

These are the security settings for the project in C:\Users\<username>\Source\repos

And these are the security settings for the project in D:\code

security settings for the project in D:\code

Lastly: I am aware that everything works if I use C:\Users\USERNAME\Source\repos to store my code. However, I want this to work in D:\code as it did previously.

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