Error 0XC000007B when building a Release of application


I have a PC with Windows 10 installed, and I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 and I am trying to build a Wallet. I did so by using "cmake" and then passing the project to MSVC14 to build it. I had some problems with the versions it targeted by default so I changed them in the Properties of the project and the Solution.

I set the solution defaults to "Release and X64" from "Debug and x32". And in every project I go to "Librarian or Linker" and change the "Additional Options" from "Machinex86 to blank"

I compile and when I try to execute the .exe file, it says that it is mising QT5Gui.dll, Qt5Core.dll and Qt5Widgets.dll

I found a post on SO that said I should add these files to the folder with the .exe. I did so, but now it says

"Error (0xc000007b) coudl not start properly, click OK to exit."

Sorry for such long explanation, it is for the sake of understanding my problem. Please help me or just point me in the right direction.

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