How to resolve SEHException with COM Component?


This is my environment.

C# / Winform / VisualStudio2013 / C++ dll(TeighaX)

We updated from TeighaX version 4 to 4.3.

It works in other environment but not in my environment.

An error message is generated when initializing form.

Error code is here.

System.Runtime.interopServices.SEHException(0x80004005):External component has thrown an exception.

I know it's an error message that is not mapped to .NET.

So I tried this.

  1. change the x86
  2. reinstall TeighaX 4.3
  3. change the dll (AxInterop.Teighax, AxInterop.VIEWXLib, TeighaX, VIEWXLib it's all 4.3v)

but did'nt worked.

I'm thinking of debugging as the last way, but I only have a dll.

I want to use TeighaX 4.3.

Have any ideas?

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