IIS Express Telling me a port is in use, but netstat says otherwise


I am trying to launch a IIS Express Server from Visual Studio, but it never launches. After trying to launch it from powershell, I get the error "Failed to register URL "http://localhost:49712/" ... The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (0x80070020)"

So naturally, I want to kill the process using the port. So I use "netstat -aon | find "49712"" in the Windows Command Prompt, but there are no processes using the port.

Does anyone know of anything that could be holding on to the port? I have tried restarting, reinstalling Visual Studio, reinstalling IIS Express, and essentially uninstalling everything else except the operating system. It has happened to me a few weeks ago and persisted for a few days, and then just stopped happening.

asked on Stack Overflow Jul 3, 2018 by Andy

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