Process finished with exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005) Pycharm


I'm completly stuck on this. I keep getting error message

Process finished with exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005)

I'm using pycharm with pyqt5.6 and qt5.6.2 and the problem started when I upgraded to these versions.

I've tried searching as much as I can, but have not been able to find an answer. Can anyone help please?

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Thanks ekhumoro - i didnt know that. not sure if this is the 'right' way to do it but i ended up completely uninstalling anaconda and rebuilding it. when i then made a new virtual environment the problem resolved. if others have the same issue this might work too. BTW the problem first occurred with an update to pyqt5.

answered on Stack Overflow Jun 1, 2018 by A Rob4

Assume you are running under Windows. Application Error code 0xc0000005, also known as Access Violation error, is a common problem experienced by Windows users, regardless of os version. There are various causes to trigger Application Error 0xc0000005. For my case, I'm running debug mode in PyCharm (or Eclipse) with code that includes the following:

from pympler import muppy
all_objects=muppy.get_objects()  # this causes pydev debugger exit with code -1073741819 (0xC0000005)

It was perfectly fine if execute the same piece of code through PyCharm in non-debug (Run) mode. Disabled the above code in debug mode, issue resolved.

Environment: PyCharm Community 2019.3, Anaconda 3, Python 3.7.3, pympler 0.7, Windows 10 Enterprise

answered on Stack Overflow Dec 13, 2019 by Jonathan L

I had the same problem solve it by updating my tensorflow. There is probably some kind of compatibility problem. I realize the problem was from my "import tensorflow" because i was not getting an obvious error right after the import line.

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