Merging of ETL files has failed (0x80070070) (Flags: 0x0000011f)


Trying to profile my command line application in VS 2017 on a W10 machine with April 2018 Update, VS fails to create the report.

The UI says Microsoft Visual Studio was unable to create a diagnostics report. Check Output window for errors.

The Output window says

Profiling of 'Program' started.
Program has exited.
Profiling of 'Program' stopped.
Diagnostics session stopped with errors.

Merging of ETL files has failed (0x80070070) (Flags: 0x0000011f).
asked on Stack Overflow May 6, 2018 by rzippo

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Previous search gives little answers as to why, but the problem seems related to Windows' event logging service. Comments on this similar question suggest it's related to disk occupation, but with no source. My SSD is indeed almost full, but with 6 GB of free space.

I resolved the issue, the multiple times it happened, by restarting windows and then start the profiling as first thing as the OS is ready. On a fresh start it works, but going further with changes and profiling it eventually appears again.

If someone knows a long-term solution feel free to add.

answered on Stack Overflow May 6, 2018 by rzippo

Code 0x80070070 "There is not enough space on the disk." Your disk was full, or became full during a build or other operation as temporary files were created.

answered on Stack Overflow Feb 3, 2021 by Technophile

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