The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) error when working with SDL2 C++


Ok so here's the problem. Recently I got interested in C++ game programming and I was working with SDL2 libraries. Everything worked fine up until I wanted to load SDL2 Image libraries. The first problem I encountered was that the first setup I was working with x64 libraries but there were some issues with running the code so I changed it to x86. I changed the Linker -> Additional Library Directories from x64 to x86, Platform from x64 to All platforms as well as Executable Directories and Library Directories under VC++ Directories to x86 but the problem persisted as well as changing the debugger from x64 to x86. I tried running the dskchk, restarting the PC and reinstalling VS 2015 and the same thing is happening. Is there anything I'm missing?

asked on Stack Overflow Mar 29, 2018 by Uros Nesic

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Your app uses x86 .lib files to build, but x64 .dlls when you are running it. Change all the .dlls to x86 versions.

answered on Stack Overflow Mar 29, 2018 by Anton Malyshev

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