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I have an MSI that I need to install under certain conditions and I am struggling to work out how to write the condition to achieve it. I followed this page, to produce this condition, and two product searches creating the variables.

<util:ProductSearch ProductCode="34DA9145-859A-4645-A0BD-6F22C551F8A9" 
<util:ProductSearch ProductCode="EE0183F4-3BF8-4EC8-8F7C-44D3BBE6FDF0" 

InstallCondition="StandAloneMmaVersion &lt; 8.0.110720.0 OR AzureMmaVersion &lt; 8.0.110720.0"

However when executed this produces the error message:

Error 0x8007000d: Failed to parse condition "StandAloneMmaVersion < 8.0.110720.0 OR AzureMmaVersion < 8.0.110720.0". Unexpected character at position 24.

The page shows the < typed out but Visual Studio refused to build like that hence escaping them.

For bonus points what I would really like, but have not been able to find any examples of, is that I would like install condition to only affect install, not repair or modify.

asked on Stack Overflow Feb 15, 2018 by Exitialis

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In Burn, version constants must have a v prefix:

StandAloneMmaVersion < v8.0.110720.0 
answered on Stack Overflow Feb 15, 2018 by Bob Arnson

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