Negative response 00000436 found


I got this error when I'm trying to send sms via SMPP connection.

org.jsmpp.extra.NegativeResponseException: Negative response 00000436 found
    at org.jsmpp.session.AbstractSession.validateResponse(
    at org.jsmpp.session.AbstractSession.executeSendCommand(
    at org.jsmpp.session.SMPPSession.submitShortMessage(

I'm using jsmpp-2.1.0.jar

Here is SMS push code

messageId = GlobalConstants.SMPP_SESSION_BULK.submitShortMessage("CMT", TypeOfNumber.INTERNATIONAL.ALPHANUMERIC, NumberingPlanIndicator.UNKNOWN, mtport, TypeOfNumber.INTERNATIONAL, NumberingPlanIndicator.UNKNOWN, sentNumber, new ESMClass(), (byte)0, (byte)1,  null, null, new RegisteredDelivery(SMSCDeliveryReceipt.SUCCESS_FAILURE), (byte)0, new GeneralDataCoding(), (byte)0, message.getBytes());

Does "SMSC returned error code 0x00000436" and "Negative response 00000436 found" are same errors? I couldn't find error code : 00000436 on smpp error list.

asked on Stack Overflow Jan 4, 2018 by jayark

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According to the Short Message Peer to PeerProtocol Specification v3.4 errors 0x00000400-0x000004FF Are Reserved for SMSC vendor specific errors. So you might need to check with your SMSC to get the exact problem.

In our case we got the Negative response 00000436 because we were sending the destination address with + 5520000000804 which needs to be sent without the +

answered on Stack Overflow Mar 8, 2018 by Sheshan Gamage

Make sure that the credentials/username/password/system id are correct.

answered on Stack Overflow Jan 4, 2018 by Anton Tupy

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