WINUSB and UWP App: Can´t connect to my Device


I'm facing two different problems with my USB device that uses WINUSB ( Class 0xFF, Subclass 0x00 )

I have three different small apps, the UWP CustomUsbDeviceAccess from Microsoft samples modified to connect to my Custom USB Device, My UWP App i'm tryng to write, and a WPF sample program I wrote too. The three apps were working without problems, in my two computes, connecting to my WINUSB Custom Device, but in the middle of some windows/vs2017 upgrade, the two UWP Apps stopped working on both computers. The problems are different in both computers.

The first computer, with W10 Pro Fall Creators Update. The problem is, after calling this function:

this.device = await UsbDevice.FromIdAsync(devId);

it always returns null. And if I try to run this:

var deviceAccessStatus = DeviceAccessInformation.CreateFromId(devId).CurrentStatus;

it raises the excpetion

the system cannot find the file specified 0x80070002

The second computer, with W10 Home Insider Preview Build 17025.rs_prerelease.171020-1625, the problem here is that boths UWP App, CustomUsbDeviceAccess from Microsoft and my own UWP App, freeze entering this line:

var DeviceWatcher = DeviceInformation.CreateWatcher(DeviceSelector);

These codes were working, i don´t undertand what´s wrong now. My USB device works in both computer with the small WPF Desktop App I wrote. I tested the same three apps with other similar USB commercial device I have in hand ( same class/subclass, winusb too), and I have the same results, so I discarded the problem is in my device or something wrong in the driver installation process.

I saw another user had a similar problem in this post, but sadly, didn't find the solution.

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I solved the problem in the second computer: I re-installed the Windows 10 stable version ( Fall Creators ). In this second computer, my UWP App works and connect to my USB Device as expected.

In the first computer, my main wokstation, I think the problem is due to an error in the installation of the driver or in some permission. I would like to know where my error is; I imagine that this could be a problem in the installation in the clients that I would like to avoid

answered on Stack Overflow Feb 11, 2020 by German Ortiz

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