SSIS OLEDB.12.0 issue on SQL server2016/visual studio 2015


I face a problem about SSIS to import an Excel file.

  • It works when I use a Visual studio 2015 to develop and run SSIS with AccessDatabaseEngine(32-bit).

  • It also works when I use Task-->import on SQL Server 2016 and select excel 2007-2010(xlsx) with AccessDatabaseEngine(32-bit).

But I doesn't work when I run SSIS package under the SSISDB catalog on SQL Server with the AccessDatabaseEngine(32-bit) is shown error about:

The requested OLE DB provider Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 is not registeres. If the 64-bit driver is not installed, run the package in 32-bit mode. Error code: 0x00000000. An OLE DB record is available. Source: "Microsoft OLE DB Service Components" Hresult: 0x80040154 Description: "Class not registered

After that, I tried to uninstall AccessDatabaseEngine(32-bit) and install AccessDatabaseEngine(64-bit) then It works when I run SSIS package under the SSIDDB catalog but I doesn't work when I run with Visual studio or run with Task-->import on SQL Server.

Could you suggest what is the best solution to fix this problem?

Thank you

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The issue solve by click 32-bit runtime in the advance tab when execute a package under SSISDB catalog.

answered on Stack Overflow Nov 22, 2017 by alice • edited Aug 6, 2019 by Catarina Ferreira

to run with visual studio try to install AccessDatabaseEngine_X64

answered on Stack Overflow Nov 22, 2017 by aymen zitoun

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