Visual Studio 2017: A fatal error has occurred and debugging needs to be terminated


When executing unit tests in debugging mode, I get the following error message:

A fatal error has occurred and debugging needs to be terminated. For more 
details please see the Microsoft Help and Support web site. 
HRESULT=0x8000ffff. ErrorCode=0x0.
asked on Stack Overflow Nov 3, 2017 by MovGP0

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So my steps to fix the issue,

1- [Preventive action] Update the Visual studio 2017 , from the yellow flag notification or from

Tools >> Extensions & Updates >> Updates >> visual studio marketplace.

2- Search in your test solution for launchsettings.json file and remove it.

3- Clean the test solution .

4- Rebuild the project .

5- Make a cup of coffee ;).

answered on Stack Overflow Nov 16, 2017 by Ahmed Elbatt

Restarting Visual Studio solved this issue for me.

answered on Stack Overflow Feb 3, 2020 by Akshay Khot

Cleaning the solution didn't work for me, and I couldn't find a launchsettings.json.

What eliminated the error for me: Changing the Startup project to a project other than the test project, as mentioned in this MSDN forum post.

answered on Stack Overflow Apr 4, 2018 by System.Cats.Lol


Clean the solution and try again. See Visual Studio Forum for details. It helped in my case.

answered on Stack Overflow Nov 3, 2017 by MovGP0 • edited Nov 16, 2017 by MovGP0

Try to check your depencency packages and references and try to ensure that all is ok. I fix this problem delete unnecessary and broke dependencies.

answered on Stack Overflow Jun 12, 2019 by Norberto Quesada

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