Visual Studio won't run my app on windows if the project is stored in an external server


I am developping an angular/ionic application that must be compatible with android, windows (phone and desktop) and Ios. I am currently trying to build and deploy the windows version on debug mode. My project is stored on an external server (disk f:). But everytime I start the app from visual studio (Windows-x64 and local machine in the configuration), I get this error (translated from french) :

    "DEP0700: Registration of the app failed. [0x80073CF0] erreur 0x80070003 :
  can't open AppxManifest.xml : The system cannot find the path specified."

I tried to copy my project on my desktop (disk c:) and when i run the app with this project, the deployment works fine and my app is running well.

I try to give all rights to system, user and administrator on the f: project, but nothing changes. There is no special char on the file path (except underscores). What am I doing wrong ?

(i set up everything in this tutorial

asked on Stack Overflow Sep 28, 2017 by Amanite Laurine

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I encountered the same limitation, and it appears to be a limitation that Microsoft has decided they will not fix, but are considering for a future version.

Microsoft: Closed -- Won't Fix: Add network share support

If you open the project properties, select the Build section, and under Output, specifiy a location on your C: drive for the Output path, you won't have to copy the binary files to your desktop manually.

answered on Stack Overflow Jun 21, 2018 by busitech

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