wamp server won't run error:(0xc000007b)


I have installed wamp correctly from the website without any problem, I have launched it and it said:

msvcr110.dll missing.

I installed it and relaunched and I got



I looked for it, people said I would have to install vcredist_x64.exe. I did install it and relaunched, it still didn't work. I checked port 80 and it was available. Not skype nor firewall was blocking port 80.

Deleted it, the whole of it. Reinstalled everything, but it still doesn't work.

How can I solve this?

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You probably have found the solution to your problem by now but this is what happened to me while I was trying to install the 64bit version of wamp according to my pc: Firstly I was having several dll errors, after looking for a solution I found a program that verifies if I have the required dll called check_vcredist, after installing them all, I was still facing this error. I solved by uninstalling wamp and installing the 32bit version and now it works. I found this sugestion here . If you found another solution to this problem, please share.

answered on Stack Overflow Feb 15, 2018 by Jessica Thedoc

I faced the same problem. I had a few dll missing errors which i could solve by downloading them and installing in the system32 folder. Though i had 64bit version computer i downloaded the 32 bit as the 64 bit version dint work for me. I only thing we need to make sure is we have installed C++ visual redistributable 2015 version or higher. Make sure u have the latest version of the C++ visual redistributable. Hope this works.


answered on Stack Overflow Oct 7, 2018 by Varsha R

Read the instructions right when the installation opens - it has several links to required packages. Install them all one by one.

Then close the installation, and open it as administrator.

I followed this and managed to install it after looking everywhere for this problem.

Good luck!

answered on Stack Overflow Oct 7, 2018 by RGelman

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