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Is there a tool that I can use to validate my web.config? The reason I ask is that the file appears to be valid XML and IIS is complaining that file is invalid. No explanation or indication as to why.

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HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid. Detailed Error Information: Module IIS Web Core Notification Unknown Handler Not yet determined Error Code 0x8007000d Config Error
Config File \?\C:\DignityFiles\Source\simplicity\Simplicity\web.config Requested URL Physical Path
Logon Method Not yet determined Logon User Not yet determined Config Source:

-1: 0:

More Information: This error occurs when there is a problem reading the configuration file for the Web server or Web application. In some cases, the event logs may contain more information about what caused this error.

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Screen shot of the IIS Error

Screen shot of the support page

Link to the web.config (Note: sensitive information has been redacted)

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I have (eventually) found the answer:

Installing the URL rewrite module fixed my issue.

answered on Stack Overflow Aug 17, 2017 by Graham Harris

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