Error in opencv function in .exe file but not in debug nor release


One more time, I want to ask for your help after long and unfruitful researches. I have developped an app using OpenCV which works very well is Visual Studio in debug and release mode.

I tried to deploy it, but i get a fatal error when I start the .exe. By using a log file and doing tests, I figured out the problem was in function cv::resize in the following code :

Mat logo = imread("lena.png");
cv::resize(logo, logo, Size(), 0.55, 0.55, INTER_CUBIC);

I found very weird that i can call cv::imread (and cv::Mat) without throwing exception but not resize.

If I try to run the .exe created by the compilation in release mode, i get the following errod code : 0xc000007b.

I read it could be a problem of compatibility between 32/64-bits dll, without being able to solve it. I try to build a 64-bits appplication. The path for opencv lib is define like this : C:\opencv\build\x64\vc14\lib

Thank you for your help,

Valentin B

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