ionic windows app signing issue


i need to deploy ionic windows app to enterprise store. so, after building windows when trying to sign with signtool getting error "0x8007000b" which means publisher name mismatch.

so, i have edited my appx10manifest.xml and rebuilt using

ionic build windows

same result.

what is understood is that when i am building windows via ionic cli, the publisher name of my enterprize certificate is getting overwritten with default cordova name "CN=Apache Cordova Name".

i didnt found where to change the publisher name value. tried steps given at: didnt worked.

can someone help me?

asked on Stack Overflow Apr 27, 2017 by praveen seela

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You can change publisher id using Visual studio by following steps :

  • Open (your project folder)\platforms\windows\CordovaApp.sln in Visual Studio
  • Now Navigate to CordovaApp.Windows(Windows 8.1) and open the file in Solution Explorer
  • Goto Packaging (last tab) and click on Choose Certificate... button
  • Now click on Configure Certificate... button
  • From here you can choose your own certificate file for signing or you can create new test certificate.
answered on Stack Overflow Jan 30, 2018 by Salman Momin

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