Matlab generates x86 dll but it needs to be x64


I have some trouble with my application which uses matlab functions inside.

I generated matlab function on matlab R2016a and then I generated Dll's via matlab compiler / dotnetbuilder.

At localhost, I build a MVC Web application with VS2013 which takes an integer input and on backend it generates random numbers counts input than matlab function gets the average of these random numbers.

However, it works fine on localhost but it fails on server with Matlab Compiler Runtime 9.0.1 installed. Exception is: "Unable to load DLL 'mclmcrrt9_0_1.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)"

So I lookup with the dependency walker and I see this;

focused line is belong to the dll that generated via matlab Library compiler of R2016a

It says that matlabs generated dll is in cpu type of x86 even whole application is in x64.

Questions: 1) How can I fix this issue 2) Why this application runs with no exceptions on my own PC

any answers appreciated, if you need any other information just tell me.
asked on Stack Overflow Mar 29, 2017 by vslzl

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I did the same and have the same problem, Problem didn't solve until I restart the server because of new Environment Variable which defined in windows system after installing Matlab RunTime. so first restart server. and be sure that you complied dll with matlab 64bits if use 64bits server.

answered on Stack Overflow Aug 2, 2019 by masoud.mog

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