Getting "0xc000007b Application Unable to Start Correctly" error on only one computer


I am building an application, and I just pulled the source code onto a new computer. I am able to compile and build the program on the new computer, but when I try to run the executable I get an "Application start correctly" error.

I can take the executable that was built on the problem computer run it on my other machines and it works fine. Dependency Walker doesn't highlight any obvious deficiencies; the output looks similar to the output from the functioning machines. I also reinstalled the VS C++ redistributable.

It seems like there must be some way in which the environment on the new computer is different, but I don't know where or how to start looking.

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All credit to @PaulMcKenzie in the comments above. My problem ended up being that I'm using an x64 application, and my Windows search path was finding and trying to use x86 DLLs, which caused the crash. I found this out through a closer examination of the Dependency Walker output.

answered on Stack Overflow Mar 22, 2017 by stranger

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