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I have a problem with starting ASP .NET 4.6 project. When I choose WebForm and then click ok I see below error window:

enter image description here

In English, the error message says:

File specified cannot be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070002)

And I have nothing in my solution. Even MasterPage doesn't appear. What can I do with this issue?

asked on Stack Overflow Feb 5, 2017 by Damian TomiƂo • edited Feb 5, 2017 by theB

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I have similar problem when I have got corrupted .net framework installation.

Try to reinstall it. also running visual studio with repair option could help.

Seems like configuration problem or system issue.

answered on Stack Overflow Feb 5, 2017 by Patryk • edited Jul 2, 2019 by cs95

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