nvoglv32.dll Can't find or open the PDB FILE


i'm trying to learn C++ OpenGl.

now when i started working on shadering my program just wont work and every time i start it i get message saying:

Exception thrown at 0x03FA98B0 (nvoglv32.dll) in Inspire.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000.

and that it cant find the "nvoglv.pbd". i have all my graphic drivers UP-TO-DATE.

the entire code: https://github.com/Jrp0h/Inspire-Engine

i cant really post all the code here, it would be do long.

Im just following a tutorial and it was at this video in got the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mU80e0eMLjc&index=11&list=PLSPw4ASQYyymu3PfG9gxywSPghnSMiOAW

All help is greatly appreciated!

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PDB files contain a detailed list of symbols of the particular code module they refer to and often also some source code. nvoglv*.dll is the OpenGL implementation of Nvidia, which is closed source. Nvidia driver developers are the only people that have access to the PDB files.

Your program crashing in nvogl32v.dll does not mean that the problem is located in nvogl32v.dll. What is means is, that you passed some invalid pointer into OpenGL or gave it wrong information about the buffer that pointer addresses. When Nvidia's OpenGL driver then subsequently tries to access the buffer, it has to trust your program that the information is correct. If it is not correct, your program crashes.

When that happens you get a backtrace from the debugger (if you run it in a debugger). Ignore every step in the backtrace that's not in your code. Look only at your code, that's where the problem is.

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