My vagrant instant is not working


Got this error while running vagrant up:

There was an error while executing VBoxManage, a CLI used by Vagrant for controlling VirtualBox. The command and stderr is shown below. Command: ["startvm", "df5a654c-fa01-499a-ac48-e4161821edc7", "--type", "headless"] Stderr: VBoxManage: error: VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for all CPU modes (VERR_VMX_MSR_ALL_VMX_DISABLED) VBoxManage: error: Details: code NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005), component ConsoleWrap, interface IConsole

Can someone help me with this ? Vagrantfile is already ready.

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Seems the question has already been answered here:

Error: VT-x is disabled in the BIOS for all CPU modes (VERR_VMX_MSR_ALL_VMX_DISABLED)

Here is also a youtube link for the fix:

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go to cmd--->Type the command-->Systeminfo.exe-->Hyper-V Requirements: VM Monitor Mode Extensions: Yes Virtualization Enabled In Firmware: No Second Level Address Translation: Yes Data Execution Prevention Available: Yes

if this is no

Goto Settings-->Update&Security-->Recovery-->Advanced Restart-->Troubleshoot-->Advanced -->UEFI firmware--->System Configuartion---Enable virtualization---Save and Exit.

answered on Stack Overflow Sep 10, 2020 by Ankita1989s

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