JavaScript runtime error:" Unable to get property 'call' of undefined or null reference" in jquery.validate.js


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My validation only activates when a button Add is clicked:

        rules: {
            PROGRAM: {
                required: true,
        messages: {
            PROGRAM: {
                required: "Program Code is required.",
                maxlength: "Program code cannot be over 20 characters long"
            UNIT: {
                required: "Unit code is required. Please select one."
                required:"Is it active?"
        errorElement: 'div',
        errorLabelContainer: 'validationErrDisplay'
   $('#programUnitInquiry').validate().cancelSubmit = false;

The above code, as well as event handlers (including the one for Add button) are wrapped into $(document).ready().

In form1, PROGRAM is a textbox, the rest are dropdown lists. When I clicked on the UNIT dropdown list, a runtime error is thrown. Error comes from line 1234 in the /Scripts/jquery.validate.js file, version 1.10.0:

if (!jQuery.event.special.focusin && !jQuery.event.special.focusout && document.addEventListener) {
            focus: 'focusin',
            blur: 'focusout'
        }, function( original, fix ){
            $.event.special[fix] = {
                setup:function() {
                    this.addEventListener( original, handler, true );
                teardown:function() {
                    this.removeEventListener( original, handler, true );
                handler: function(e) {
                    var args = arguments;
                    args[0] = $.event.fix(e);
                    args[0].type = fix;
                    return $.event.handle.apply(this, args);
            function handler(e) {
                e = $.event.fix(e);
                e.type = fix;
                return $, e); // <-- error

Error message:

0x800a138f - JavaScript runtime error: Unable to get property 'call' of undefined or null reference

UNIT dropdown list's HTML after it's rendered:

<select name="UNIT" id="UNIT" data-val-required="The Unit Code field is required." data-val="true">
<option value="">-- Select a Unit --</option>
<!-- bunch of options retrieved from database -->
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