VS2015 : The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)


I wrote a code on Visual studio 2015 for a windows 10 PC. The application is mainly focused on UDP communication and I use the boost libraries. It works perfectly but when I move the folder of the code to Windows 7 I receive the error "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)". I tried also in Windows 8.1 and after rebuilding the libraries it works.

What I noticed is that when I receive the error it does not load the .dll that in the other versions it loads.

May it be a problem with the boost? Have you ever experienced it?

asked on Stack Overflow Jul 11, 2016 by Flavio.R.

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0xc000007b is error when you try to use x64 dlls in x32 application or other way around, so you probably copied wrong dlls. Rebuild fixed this, as it prepared new dlls.

answered on Stack Overflow Jul 11, 2016 by MaciekGrynda

win7_64 visual studio 2015, 0xc000007b When I was programming C++ code in the visual studio 2015, it threw the error:0x000007b, and I have tried three kinds of solutions; 1.Installing Direct X 2.Installing VC C++ 2015 libraries 3.Making sure the DLL is consistent with the OS(and I think this is relevant to my problem) ANd my solution will show below: enter image description here

and I changed the [[[Debug]]] into [[[X64]]], then, it works, I believe that because some dlls are not consistent with the platform, so if I changed the Debug platform, We will get the correct result.The prerequisite:must having installed all dlls under the X64 system.

answered on Stack Overflow Mar 10, 2018 by Bojinwenyee Gu

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