Azure Service Fabric missing DLL on production server: FabricCommon.dll


I have created an actor service, which runs on a development cluster. An ASP.NET application (hosted separately via IIS), connects to the cluster and uses the actors. This works fine.

But when I deploy everything to the production environment, the ASP.NET application fails to connect to the cluster with the below exception. The cluster is hosted on-premise (Windows 2012 R2).

The type initializer for 'Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.ServiceTrace' threw an exception.

   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Common.FabricServiceConfig.TryGetConfigPackageObject(String configPackageName, ConfigurationPackage& package)
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Common.FabricServiceConfig.GetSettingsFilePath(String configPackageName)
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Common.FabricServiceConfig.GetConfig()
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Common.FabricServiceConfigSection.Initialize()
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Communication.FabricTransport.Common.FabricTransportSettings.LoadFrom(String sectionName, String filepath, String configPackageName)
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Communication.FabricTransport.Common.FabricTransportSettings.TryLoadFrom(String sectionName, FabricTransportSettings& settings, String filepath, String configPackageName)
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.Communication.FabricTransport.Common.FabricTransportSettings.GetDefault(String sectionName)
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Actors.Remoting.FabricTransport.FabricTransportActorRemotingProviderAttribute.CreateServiceRemotingClientFactory(IServiceRemotingCallbackClient callbackClient)
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Actors.Client.ActorProxyFactory.CreateServiceRemotingClientFactory(Type actorInterfaceType)
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Actors.Client.ActorProxyFactory.GetOrCreateServiceRemotingClientFactory(Type actorInterfaceType)
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Actors.Client.ActorProxyFactory.CreateActorProxy[TActorInterface](Uri serviceUri, ActorId actorId, String listenerName)
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Actors.Client.ActorProxy.Create[TActorInterface](ActorId actorId, Uri serviceUri, String listenerName)

Inner Exception:
innerExceptionType: System.DllNotFoundException
   at System.Fabric.Interop.NativeCommon.FabricGetConfigStore(Guid& riid, IFabricConfigStoreUpdateHandler updateHandler)
   at System.Fabric.Common.NativeConfigStore.CreateHelper(IFabricConfigStoreUpdateHandler updateHandler)
   at System.Fabric.Interop.Utility.WrapNativeSyncInvoke[TResult](Func`1 func, String functionTag, String functionArgs)
   at System.Fabric.Interop.Utility.RunInMTA[TResult](Func`1 func)
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Common.Tracing.Trace.InitializeFromConfigStore()
   at Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services.ServiceTrace..cctor()
innerExceptionMessage: Unable to load DLL 'FabricCommon.dll': The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
exceptionType: System.TypeInitializationException

It seems that the FabricCommon.dll could not be found on the web server (which hosts the ASP.NET).

I found that this file is part of the cluster installation package. On the development machine and cluster machines, the file is located here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Service Fabric\bin\Fabric\Fabric.Code\FabricCommon.dll. But it is apparently not a dependency installed via NuGet in the client application.

Do I missed to install any prerequisites on the web server? Do I have to include the DLL manually?

asked on Stack Overflow Jun 24, 2016 by Henrik

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Add the following Service Fabric bin path to your PATH environment variable:

set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Service Fabric\bin\Fabric\Fabric.Code 

Also set execution policy to unrestricted:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Force -Scope CurrentUser 
answered on Stack Overflow Jun 24, 2016 by ksiomelo

I think you need to install Service Fabric SDK on the web server.

See the link below:

answered on Stack Overflow Jun 24, 2016 by erast petrovich

I have this happen at one point in my dev machine. All I did was to reinstall the Service Fabric SDK.

answered on Stack Overflow Jun 24, 2016 by alltej

For cases when you can't install Service Fabric SDK on target environment there is an option to use Service Fabric REST API.

Here is my repo with API client written in C# which can resolve service using this API

answered on Stack Overflow Dec 30, 2016 by Anubis

I had the same issue. Reboot my machine solved the issue.

answered on Stack Overflow Nov 29, 2019 by fiskra

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