Unable to install visual studio 2015 and SSDT 2015.


I am getting the error when I try to install visual Studio and it says user cancelled I did not cancel the set up.

I have just upgraded to windows 10. Do I have to change anything in order to download the Visual studio 2015.

[10F8:10E8][2016-01-05T01:29:49]i000: MUX:  Watson Bucketting Parameters
[10F8:10E8][2016-01-05T01:29:49]i000: MUX:  P1 - vs_enterprise
[10F8:10E8][2016-01-05T01:29:49]i000: MUX:  P2 - 14.0.24720.00.00
[10F8:10E8][2016-01-05T01:29:49]i000: MUX:  P3 - 14.0.24720
[10F8:10E8][2016-01-05T01:29:49]i000: MUX:  P4 - Install
[10F8:10E8][2016-01-05T01:29:49]i000: MUX:  P5 - vs_communitycore
[10F8:10E8][2016-01-05T01:29:49]i000: MUX:  P6 - Install
[10F8:10E8][2016-01-05T01:29:49]i000: MUX:  P7 - 0x80070643
[10F8:10E8][2016-01-05T01:29:49]i000: MUX:  P8 - Error 997.Overlapped I/O operation is in progress.

[10F8:10E8][2016-01-05T01:29:49]i000: MUX:  P9 - 
[10F8:10E8][2016-01-05T01:29:49]i399: Apply complete, result: 0x80070643, restart: None, ba requested restart:  No
asked on Stack Overflow Jan 5, 2016 by Justin

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you need install the update of Microsoft visual C++ redistributable tools, only this update... open your control panel and search the update.

answered on Stack Overflow Sep 29, 2016 by Victor Jimenez

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