DLL Injection Static Pointer Different Value


I am trying to write a bot for a game, with a DLL Injection. I have found a static pointer to an address I want to read from the DLL.

The static pointer's address is wow64cpu.dll+4738, which I get with cheat engine by:

  1. Finding the value (z coordinate of character)
  2. Choosing "Find out what accesses this address"
  3. Copying the easy guess and searching for it
  4. And now I have this pointer

The problem is, if I close the game and reopen it, and then view what is at the address wow64cpu.dll+4738, cheat engine gives me 4294967294 (which is 0xFFFFFFFE)

If I find the z coordinate value again, and then do the debugging again to find the static pointer, I get a correct value.

I can't figure out why this happens, and I have been looking for almost a week now...

Has anyone else had this problem?

asked on Stack Overflow Dec 20, 2015 by user3771655

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