VirtualBox Windows 10 64 Bit Host - The VM session was aborted


I'm trying to make a Win 7 64 bit guest machine. When it's time to load the ISO, I try to load it and I get the following error

The VM session was aborted.
Result Code: E_FAIL (0x80004005)
Component: SessionMachine
Interface: ISession {7844aa05-b02e-4cdd-a04f-ade4a762e6b7}

What's a fix for this? Thank you.

asked on Stack Overflow Jul 31, 2015 by user42992

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I have the same issue, and hopefully there will be a bug-fix for it soon.

In the meantime, I have managed to start the install process (in my case for Linux mint 17.2 rather than windows) by attaching the .iso image in the VirtualBox IDE Storage Settings page rather than the "mount" dialog that causes the error.

Open the settings for your VM in the VirtualBox UI, go to Storage, click on the "empty" entry in the list of IDE Controllers, and select the disk icon over to the right of the screen. Finally, select to "Choose Virtual Optical Disk File", and select your .iso of choice. Then start the VM and it should boot just fine.

I hope it helps for your case too!

answered on Stack Overflow Aug 2, 2015 by Jason Kimber
  1. Backed up the last saved snapshot from C:\Users\\VirtualBox VMs\Ubuntu\Snapshots

  2. Go to Machine> Ignore last saved state.

Restart VM.

This worked.

This issue most likely happened for me because my Windows 10 randomly restarted a couple of time, with BSOD.

Error code

Result Code: E_FAIL (0x80004005)
Component: SessionMachine
Interface: ISession {7844aa05-b02e-4cdd-a04f-ade4a762e6b7}
answered on Stack Overflow Nov 6, 2017 by alpha_989

Maybe it will help. I turned off sound card , and at virtual machine I had "audio" controller turned on. When I turned off audio controler virtual machine start normaly.

BR Simon

answered on Stack Overflow Mar 18, 2016 by user6081290

Menu -> Machine -> Reset all warnings

worked for me

answered on Stack Overflow Jun 18, 2016 by mluthra

update the extension pack was my solution

answered on Stack Overflow Sep 23, 2020 by user14325260

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