How to load wifi firmware in android?


I want to use usb wifi adapter in custom android board, so far I was able to build driver for chipset, and android is able to detect the dongle, and even creates wlan0. But I don't how to load firmware as there is one bin file. When I am trying to do netcfg wlan0 up, then I am getting following error Request firmware failed with error 0xfffffffe. So I need help, that to know how android includes that firmware in build.

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I found that firmware should be copied at /system/etc/firmware/, reference this link

a simple copy command can be added in build script, to copy firmware before creating image.

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The path to wifi firmware in android devices is generally: \system\etc\firmware\wifi

Some devices have system\etc\wifi or \system\etc\firware\wlan as the wifi firmware path. If you connect through adb and do ls to one of these paths, you should be able to see firmware binary. For Qualcomm wifi, the binary has wcnss string in it.

As for your actual question, the firmware loading is done by the wifi driver. So if you are enable wifi through adb shell or through phone UI, it should load the wifi driver which should load the wifi firmware from the location mentioned above

answered on Stack Overflow Jul 31, 2018 by Viral Modi

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