Visual Studio 2013 Pro installation 0x80070643 error


When I install Visual Studio Professional with update 4, I get a "package failed" error.

The log file show four errors and one warning.

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The four errors are:

0x80070643: Failed to execute MSU package

0x80070643: Failed to configure pre-machine MSU package

MUX: Set Result: Return Code = -2147023293 (0x80070643) Error Message =, Vital = False, Package Action = Install, Package Id = WindowsIdentityFoundation_x64

Applied non-vital package: WindowsIdentityFoundation_x64, encountered error: 0x80070643.

There was also one warning message:

MUX: Warning : missing display name: WindowsIdentityfoundation_x64

googling led me here . I don't know much about .NET etc and I am hoping that I can fix this without opening a whole new can of worms because I am worried that if I tried reinstalling .NET then I may get entangled in a host of other issues.

Please help. Thanks.

asked on Stack Overflow Apr 1, 2015 by Amatya

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Have you tried to apply the Method 1. fix suggested by Microsoft:

This seems to have fixed the issue for others that I have come across around the web

answered on Stack Overflow Apr 1, 2015 by Marty

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