Fixing crashes Windows Phone apps with crashinfo of dev dashboard


I have a simple wp8.1 app published in the store (universal app) but it crashed. So I downloaded the excel file containing crash info from The crash(es) occur in the latest version of my app and the clients have 8.1 (because you cannot run universal apps otherwise)

Here is a small list of all problem functions and their exception type:

  • mscoree!CoreCLRRunner::CoreCLRInstance::RunAssembly (APPLICATION_FAULT)
  • twinapi_appcore!Windows::ApplicationModel::Core::CoreApplication::ForwardLocalError (WRONG_SYMBOLS_kernel32legacy.dll)
  • windows_ui!Windows::UI::Core::CDispatcher::WaitAndProcessMessages (STOWED_EXCEPTION)
  • bad_dump!stowed_exception_structure_invalid (STATUS_STOWED_EXCEPTION)

but I'd like to focus on the top one, because that occurred the most. This is the top Problem function mscoree!CoreCLRRunner::CoreCLRInstance::RunAssembly So here is the related stacktrace:

Frame Image Function Offset
0 ntdll.dll LdrAppxHandleIntegrityFailure 0x0000011a
1 ntdll.dll LdrpFindOrMapDll 0x000004f6
2 ntdll.dll LdrpLoadDll 0x00000248
3 ntdll.dll LdrLoadDll 0x00000050
4 kernelbase.dll LoadLibraryExW 0x00000084
5 CoreClr.dll CLRLoadLibraryExWorker 0x0000003c
6 CoreClr.dll CLRLoadLibraryEx 0x00000012
7 CoreClr.dll LoadedImageLayout::LoadedImageLayout 0x0000004e
8 CoreClr.dll PEImageLayout::Load 0x0000002e
9 CoreClr.dll PEImage::GetLayoutInternal 0x00000042
10 CoreClr.dll PEImage::GetLayout 0x000000d8
11 CoreClr.dll PEImage::HasNativeHeader 0x00000030
12 CoreClr.dll BINDER_SPACE::AssemblyBinder::GetAssembly 0x00000094
13 CoreClr.dll BINDER_SPACE::AssemblyBinder::BindByTpaList 0x0000024a
14 CoreClr.dll BINDER_SPACE::AssemblyBinder::BindLocked 0x00000040
15 CoreClr.dll BINDER_SPACE::AssemblyBinder::BindLockedOrService 0x00000030
16 CoreClr.dll BINDER_SPACE::AssemblyBinder::BindWhereRef 0x000000b4
17 CoreClr.dll BINDER_SPACE::AssemblyBinder::BindAssembly 0x00000150
18 CoreClr.dll CLRPrivBinderCoreCLR::Bind 0x00000060
19 CoreClr.dll AssemblySpec::Bind 0x000001fe
20 CoreClr.dll AppDomain::BindAssemblySpec 0x00000372
21 CoreClr.dll AssemblySpec::LoadDomainAssembly 0x000000f6
22 CoreClr.dll AssemblySpec::LoadAssembly 0x00000014
23 CoreClr.dll AssemblySpec::LoadAssembly 0x00000042
24 CoreClr.dll CorHost2::ExecuteAssembly 0x00000088
25 MSCOREE.DLL CoreCLRRunner::CoreCLRInstance::RunAssembly 0x00000080
26 MSCOREE.DLL _lambda_0f67c82022084a65857b171f2e9c0e8b_::operator 0x000001d0
27 MSCOREE.DLL _CorExeMain 0x0000000a
28 ntdll.dll RtlUserThreadStart 0x00000016

and I have no idea to fix all of these 5 crashes. My wp app is so small, it should be easy to have it bug/crash free.

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