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I would like to learn to use the lldb debugger on my Mac OSx (Yosemite) as I can't seem to get gdb to work properly (via homebrew). However I ran into a weird problem and wonder if someone can point me int he right direction. Basically after I loaded an application into lldb and execute run, it just returns the command prompt with no GUI opening up for the said application. Attached below is an excerpt of the attempt. Any idea ?

% lldb /Applications/Navicat\ for\ SQL\ Server.app/Contents/MacOS/Navicat\ for\ SQL\ Server 
(lldb) target create "/Applications/Navicat for SQL Server.app/Contents/MacOS/Navicat for SQL Server"
Current executable set to '/Applications/Navicat for SQL Server.app/Contents/MacOS/Navicat for SQL Server' (x86_64).
(lldb) run
Process 2881 launched: '/Applications/Navicat for SQL Server.app/Contents/MacOS/Navicat for SQL Server' (x86_64)
Process 2881 exited with status = 45 (0x0000002d) 
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Looks like your process exited (with status 45) without putting up any GUI. Try setting a breakpoint on exit:

(lldb) break set -n exit

before you run, then run and you should hit the breakpoint. Looking at the backtrace at that point might show you why it was exiting prematurely.

BTW, if you are familiar with gdb, this page might be helpful:


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