Eclipse SVN Synchronze workspace error - Updating Synchronize view for SVN Workspace - java/nio/file/Paths


I updated the Eclipse SVN plugins today and after that I can't sync my workspace with SVN repository. I am using java 1.6. I tried with java 1.7 as well. still I'm getting following error in eclipse.

An internal error occurred during: "Updating Synchronize view for SVN Workspace.". java/nio/file/Paths.

SVN: '0x00000025: Send Notifications' operation finished with error: java/nio/file/Paths

This issue came only after updating the svn plugin. I'm using SVNKit 1.7.13 svn connector.

Any idea how to solve this??


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Found a work around for this. Uninstalled all svn plugins from Eclipse and restarted it. Installed Subclipse svn plugin from


I had the same error when I opened Eclipse. Checking the file: workspase-path/.metadata/.log I found the following exception:

!MESSAGE SVN: 'SVN Decorator' operation finished with error: java/nio/file/Paths
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/nio/file/Paths

To solve the problem I installed JRE 1.7, then I changed eclipse.ini to force Eclipse to use it, adding the next at the beginning:

answered on Stack Overflow Jan 3, 2015 by servaq

I had the same problem in Luna on Win 7 64 bit with the 2.0.3 subversive team provider and the Polarion SVNKit 1.8.7 version 4.1.2. Clearly somewhere in these java 7 is needed. Servaq's suggestion improved things for me but didn't quite fix everything. But a similar change to eclipse.ini did the trick for me: I added

C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\server\jvm.dll

right before the -vmargs. Obviously, the path to server\jvm.dll is installation-dependent.

Just in case it's helpful to Chandika ("I wants to use java 1.6"), I'm still using java 6 as the compiler/runtime for the code I'm developing within this eclipse. I'm just using java 7 to start eclipse.

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