Xcode Program Not Executing


I have a program that I am building in Xcode that is built successfully, but after it is built a box appears that says "error: ::posix_spawnp ( pid => 399, path = '/Users/toddbaker/Documents/Poker/Build/Poker/Build/Products/Debug/Poker', file_actions = 0x115880c98, attr = 0x115880cd8, argv = 0x7fab5627d5f0, envp = 0x7fab5628f600 ) err = Permission denied (0x0000000d)".

My program has the files main.cpp, Deck.cpp, Deck.h, Card.cpp, and Card.h. It is going to be a basic Poker program. Does anyone have any idea why I might be getting this error? If my program is built correctly, then why am I getting an error?

Thanks so much for the help!

asked on Stack Overflow Nov 28, 2014 by Todd Baker

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