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I am running Linux Mint in my laptop. I made some modifications and I couldn't login in linux enviroment. I boot in live cd (Linux Mint) and I recover my important files from desktop.

I had some important files in virtual machine. I install virtual box in live cd and when I double click in file.vbox it appears the message:

Failed to open virtual machine located in /media/mint/home/xxx/VirtualBox VMs/file2/file.vbox. A differencing image of snapshot {xxxxxxxxxxxxxx} could not be found. Could not find an open hard disk with UUID {xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx}.

I try also to "create new virtual machine" and then choose "use an existing virtual hard drive" and choose the snapshot but it pop up another message:

Failed to open the hard disk file /media/mint/home/xxx/VirtualBox VMs/file2/file.vbox.

Parent medium with UUID {xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx} of the medium '/media/mint/home/xxx/VirtualBox VMs/file2/file.vbox./Snapshots/{xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx}.vdi' is not found in the media registry ('/home/mint/.config/VirtualBox/VirtualBox.xml').

Result Code: NS_ERROR_FAILURE (0x80004005) Component: Medium Interface: IMedium {xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx} Callee: IVirtualBox {xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx} Callee RC: VBOX_E_OBJECT_NOT_FOUND (xxxxxxxxxxx)

Can anyone help me to recover my files from virtual box boot in live cd?

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Hy i got a same error on a different Issue.

How i fixed it:

  1. backup your your VirtualMachine.vbox file.

  2. open your yourVirtualMachine.vbox file with an editor such as Notepad++

  3. search through the vbox file for your missing UUID e.g. 36bbf5bd-3a5e-48ab-80d6-6a2952788fdc

  4. you should find a Section with Tags like this:

  5. delete the whole section beginning by <AttachedDevice> and ending by </AttachedDevice> (if you have a backup of your vbox file)

  6. save your edited file

  7. start your VirtualBox; you should be able to import your virtual machine with this vbox file

  8. edit your imported VM

  9. open the tab "storage" in edit window
    9.1) add a new hard disk (your existing VM file e.g. vdi, vmdk) to IDE- or SATA-Controller

Hopefully, you should be able to start your VM

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