Virtual Box: Critical error while running the virtual machine


I use a VirtualBox machine as a local web server (this is an Open Suse VM). But for a few days, problems occurs with my VM.

First, I can't delete my oldest snapshot, the reason is:

Result Code: NS_RROR_FAILURE (0x80004005)
Component:   SessionMachine
Interface:   IMachine {480cf695-2d8d-4256-9c7c-cce4184fa048}

Another issue came today:

VirtualBox - Guru Meditation

A critical error has occurred while running the virtual machine and machine
execution has been stopped.


Press OK if you want to power off the machine of press Ignore if you want
to leave it as for debugging. Please note that debugging requires special
knowledge and tools, so it is recommended to press OK now.

It's pretty painful, because, it's the third time it happens, and I can't work on my web server...

Here is the link to the VirtualBox log file

Note that, I just upgraded my Lubuntu from 12.10 to 14.04 (I got problems during this upgrade -- blank screen when I was booting, but I fixed them). Open Suse is running on my VM, and I use Interbase, PHP, Apache. The first time the issue happened, I was using Netbeans, then it was when I was using Kwrite. I previously got many networks problems with this VM (it's the reason why I take snapshots to avoid rebooting).

Why am I receiving critical errors when attempting to run the virtual machine?

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Today I got the same error message, and resolved it by closing the Android Emulator that was also running.

answered on Stack Overflow Jul 27, 2019 by jubukka

I've figured the answer. 99 Percent of the cases including me will have the same solution. We have assigned more memory for the VM so the Host system does not have enough memory to handle VM. You can get rid of Guru meditation by assigning less memory to the VM. you can do this by: Open Vm>Settings>System> And reduce assigned memory to a lesser value.

Hope it helps.

answered on Stack Overflow May 9, 2018 by yolo

i was facing this error and tried that and worked for me

1- Open VM VirtualBox

2- file -> Settings -> System -> Processor

3- Check Extended Features : Enable PAE/NX .

answered on Stack Overflow Feb 16, 2015 by Ahmed

VBox linux machines allow 128MB video memory at max, by default. If you have ever tweaked the video memory to 256MB then this error might occur. For me this error came after few days of the tweak to 256MB video memory. When I turned it back to 128MB(default), now the critical error(Guru Meditation) is gone.

This was what happened with me.

answered on Stack Overflow Nov 20, 2019 by i_rigia

I created another VM and the problem doesn't appear more.

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In my case, the Guru Meditation error appeared every time I tried to update my Lubuntu 18.04 machine, in VirtualBox 6.04. It was associated with the following Vbox.log error:

00:04:13.601 Not in text mode!
00:04:13.601 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Following the suggestion described here: Not in Text Mode! Error (guest Windows PE 3.0), about activating I/O APIC in the virtual machine configuration, the problem was solved.

answered on Stack Overflow Jun 12, 2019 by aldemarcalazans

I have got same problem (GURU meditation ERROR..) while trying to install windows 10 in VM box .. I just On Acceleration menu

and Lower RAM usage to (half),and Done!. This may Help!..

Trying Reinstallation and Go to Repair of VirtualBox also may Help !!...

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